fitness classes

bodyweight boot camp

We couldn't call it boot camp if it wasn't tough, but you will leave this class with mega-energy.  Combining cardio & strength  for an overall rush of awesomeness.  Using body weight exercises mixed with cardio intervals get your heart pumping, while you work your functional muscle strength helps to burn calories all day long.  There will be lunging, squating, jumping, burpees, pushups and so much more! Modifications can be offered.

body iso

Concentrating on one body part to build muscle endurance, enhance muscle strength, and keep your muscles engaged.  We will concentrate on upper body (biceps/triceps, chest/ back, core) or lower body (quads, hamstrings, booty) or core (from your chest to your hips) or  just booty!  This is a moderate to difficult class, muscle endurance will be pushed to the limit.  Repetitive moves, pulsing moves, holding moves,  to strengthen and tone.

body works

Add a little rhythm to your workout.  Strength training to a beat, plus a little cardio blast completes this full body work out.  Using music helps you keep a good pace and allows you to focus on form.  Using various size weights and movements; this workout keeps your body guessing, your heart rate up and you muscles quivering.

Dance Fitness with Amanda is like a Friday night in the club.  Current hits, Hip Hop Style dances,Toning moves, Ab work.  This is a complete Dance Fitness Class that everyone will love.  You can always modify the moves to accommodate how your body is feeling today.  Amanda sneaks in the toning moves as part of the dance.  You don't even realize all the muscle engagement you are doing, because its a Dance Partay!  Let go, work hard, have fun and you'll have a toning cardio workout in before you know it.    

 PILOXING® Barre is an exciting new fitness 'Barre' workout, utilizing the same fundamental disciplines (Pilates, Boxing and Dance) from the already world-renowned fitness craze,  PILOXING Barre is a comprehensive, well-rounded workout that is low-impact, yet intensity building. This new program creates full body awareness utilizing a Ballet Barre for the entire class, both standing and grounded.  Think of the Barre not just as another tool, but as a support to create external resistance and initiate more muscle engagement. The Barre will aid you to achieve body balance, and give you more concentrated toning, allowing you to take your muscles deeper into each exercise, through a more complete and dynamic range of motion.

PILOXING® SSP is a high-energy interval workout that uniquely blends the power, speed, and agility of boxing with the targeted sculpting and flexibility of pilates. These techniques are also supplemented by the use of weighted gloves, further toning the arms and maximizing cardiovascular health. Add to that fun dance moves and you have a workout that will tone muscle, burn fat and empower you both physically and mentally.

strength training

Did you know strength training could possibly be the best thing you can do for your body? 

2-3 strength training sessions per week will help you perform all of your activities of daily living (ADL) with ease and increase bone strength.  Using weights to challenge you (3-10 lbs) we will go through a total body workout including a warm up and nice stretch at the end.  Strength training will have your body burning calories long after the work out is done.  Using compound moves we will work multiple body parts at the same time to get the most out of our time together. 


Our yoga classes are low impact and strength based.  This workout will bring flexibility and toning through stretching and breathing.  Adding strength through yoga flow techniques makes this type of workout the perfect addition to your fitness routine.  You can always modify, without sacrificing your chance at a great workout.  No expectations, no competition, no judgment just a great mind-body workout with an awesome stretch and relax to end the class.  Do this for YOU!