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Judy Pignatelli
owner/ACE CPT
aka Zumba Judy

    Hi I'm Judy.  I am an ACE certified Personal Trainer and YogaFit instrutor.  I am  Licensed to teach Zumba Fitness,  Zumba Toning, Zumba Gold, Zumba Gold Toning and Zumba Kids/Kids Jr. as well as  PiYo Live and Pioxing SSP!

    Watching you grow in strength, endurance and confidence is my biggest reward.  Teaching proper form and technique is my goal, to get you the most from every workout that you do. 


Yes you CAN.  Yes you WILL.  Yes you DID.

You are stronger than you think!


Why?  Because I've been there!

Fitness has been a journey for owner/trainer Judy Pignatelli.  Mid 40's hit and as a working mother of two very active daughters; one in cheerleading, one in gymnastics, fitness was not a priority for her.  In 2007 the aah-ha moment was a picture of herself with her beautiful family.  It was time to assure she going to be around for a long time, to watch this family grow up.    Fitness and eating right became a priority.  After one year of learning how to eat properly and various daily workouts, 50 pounds was gone and it was NOT coming back.  She learned fitness is FUN and nothing beats that healthy feeling.

     Trying a new fitness class  with a friend, she discovered ZUMBA, it was a great fit for this long time dancer.  A workout?  While I'm dancing?  She was hooked.  In 2012 Judy became licensed to teach Zumba Fitness and is now licensed to teach seven Zumba formats.

    Wanting more from the fitness world, Judy became an ACE certified Personal Trainer.  Learning proper form, technique and safety protocols enables her to teach group fitness classes and one on one personal training effectively and get results.   

       The biggest success of all was opening her own fitness studio, inception body works .  Offering personal training and group fitness classes including; strength training, bootcamps, fitness infused yoga (yogafit), PiYo  Live, Piloxing SSP and Zumba.   Being able to offer a variety of class types to insure all fitness levels are addressed and introducing people to the world of fitness is a dream come true. 

    Now part of  the Silver Sneakers Flex and Silver & Fit programs, highlighting her ability to work with seniors; keeping them strong and independent. 

Offering Zumba Gold, Strength, Balance & Cardio, and Senior Stretch to the senior demographic has so many rewards.  

Natalie Chiappetta
Piloxing Barre

    After living the cheerleading life for over 10 years,  and enduring muliptle knee surgeries,   I still love to work out and low impact is a good choice.   This workout is full of  high energy,  low impact, muscle building, calorie torching movements.    

    As a cheerleading judge, coach and choreographer I connect with the precision of the barre moves and strive to teach clients that form is key to successful workout.

    I was lucky enough to be a part of the first ever, licensing class for Piloxing Barre, so I love being able to share this fresh new format with clients of all fitness levels. 

Meet me at the barre!

Amanda Gharst


Amanda Gharst

 Dance Fitness

 All my life I've been athletic or active in some way;  dance lessons for 16 years, cheerleading for 6 years and played basketball throught high school and college.  After college, I was missing the team element that I'd had since childhood.

   If you're like me,  going to a gym to work on equipment just doesn't sound like fun.  I found Zumba and the rest is history!  If you like to dance or just getting together with the gals, my class is for you!  You'll get a great workout, and have fun at the same time and oh yes, you will sweat.  

  Current Music. Hip Hop Dance Moves.  Anyone can play!  You can modify as needed.  We work abs, legs, hips, core & more.  This will be a total body workout - but you'll be dancing, you won't even realize you're working out.   

Let's  dance  Let' s move  Let's sweat  Let's do this!

Laura Wendling


As an avid runner and competitive volleyball player, I turned to yoga for relaxation and injury prevention. I loved the practice so much I decided I wanted to teach and share with others! I graduated as a Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT) from the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago, Illinois. As a believer in life-long learning, I’ve taken continuing education classes and received certifications in Anusara, restorative, yoga for athletes, and Radiant Child yoga. I’ve also created and led  workshops focusing on meditation and other specialty areas such as yoga for anxiety, hip openers, etc. 

I immensely enjoy teaching traditional hatha and vinyasa flow style yoga to all student levels! I believe yoga is for “every body” and my focus is on fitness, flexibility, and above all, fun! You are “perfectly perfect” where you are right now, in this present moment! – I’d love to see you at the studio!

I invite you to take some time for yourself and for your practice, Namaste!