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don't trust #Yelp; small business beware!


I had a free listing on Yelp, never got anything business from it, but it was free so what the heck. After numerous phone calls from Yelp to do paid advertising and REALLY GROW my business, I decided to give it a try. The statistics were there, it seemed to make sense. I've had customers review me on Yelp, but for some reason Yelp is hold back NINE 5 star reviews, from my actual clients, they are marked as "not recommended". After three & months and $1000 later, I have received ONE new customer and ZERO phone calls. Time to cancel to the tune of an additional $325.

I canceled my paid advertising on 4/5/16. On 4/5/16 a bogus profile was created and a bogus review of my studio was POSTED TO MY PAGE! The review stated this "client" contracted AIDS at my studio and someone had died during class, there was more but REALLY?? I reported the review and it was removed two days later, luckily I took a screen shot of it. 4/8/16 another bogus profile created and another ONE STAR review very similar to the review of 4/7 was POSTED TO MY PAGE. Again, I had to go through their EMAIL (can't talk to a human) process, reported, removed. 4/9/16 another bogus profile & review.

Riddle me this:

NINE legitimate 5 star reviews are NOT recommended to be posted to my page yet three days in a row - starting the day I canceled my paid advertising, a bogus profile with adverse words regarding my studio were recommend and POSTED to my page. Coincidence? Doubtful!

Needless to say, I will be sending this letter to #YELP, removing my page from #YELP, and just saying - be careful what you read...

Thank you Yelp for single handedly trying to destroy small business in America. Shame on you!

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