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March Studio Going's On

Piloxing Barre We are very close to having our Piloxing classes back to where they belong! Monday at 6pm we are back to SSP.

Barre Saturday's will still be a little skewed, but by registering for class via the MindBody App or on line, you will get the right class and the right TIME.

Saturday March 4 & 11, class will begin at 9:15 am.

Saturday March 18 we will be doing PiYo instead of Barre at 9:00 am (NOT 9:15) This is a great opportunity to try a new ( and my favorite) format!

Saturday March 25 class will begin at 9:00 am (not 9:15).

Going forward this will be the new Start time for Piloxing Barre; 9:00 am

Senior Strong We have added a class on Tuesday morning for the Strength, Balance & Cardio, classroom style format. You can now attend at either 9:00 am or 10:00 am - you choose!

I have come to a compromise with Silver & Fit. You may come to unlimited classes! I have lifted the 10 class limit, so please come in as often as you like!

PURE haven essentials Join us here at the studio on Saturday March 25th from 3:30 - 4:30 for a fun and informative class on ingredients found in personal care products. Gain knowledge on ingredients to avoid and steps to live toxic free. Rachel Horan of Pure Haven Essentials will be here to discuss ways to reduce toxins in our everyday life. Rachel will bring door prizes and I will have snacks available. Please RSVP to me if you'd like to attend.

Studio Closure The studio will be closed for the first week of May (5/1 - 5/5). We will be having Saturday classes. Zumba with Amanda at 8:00 am and Piloxing Barre with Natalie at 9:00 am!

Your account will be suspended for the 5 days of closure, so you will not lose out on the days.

doTERRA the 10% deal of the month is attached; On Guard foaming hand wash plus two dispensers for $27.00. Orders placed by 3/9 will be free shipping! I am also offering 5% off ANY On Guard product purchase, that will cover most of the tax, and I'll pay the shipping on orders placed by 3/9.

With this wacky weather, so many are sick. Protect yourself (and your family) with On Guard products. Click on the underlined On Guard Products, to see the entire doTERRA On Guard line. I am a user and a believer in this product. I use them at my studio and on my body to help fend off germs.

Advocare I will be placing an Advocare order next week. What can I get you?

I have all of the Spark flavors in stock, in individual stick packs. The sticks are $2 each or I will make you a mixed box (14 sticks) for $25. I also have Rehydrate for $2 per packet and Meal Replacement shakes (various flavors) for $4 per packet. The meal replacement shakes are great for a creamy snack or used to flavor plain yogurt or oatmeal. 2 tbsp per 1/2 cup of yogurt or oatmeal makes for a very tasty breakfast or snack, and you're adding a nice shot of protein!

Sign In Please try to remember to sign in for your classes, at least ONE HOUR before class. It really helps me set up for the number of client coming in. It also sets an appointment for yourself - don't miss your appointment. This does not apply to Senior Strong clients.

As always, I truly appreciate all feed back! Where I can't please everyone all the time, I certainly try to accommodate as much as I can. I will continue to keep the formats fresh, exciting and well thought out. Please keep it coming.

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