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July Studio Going's On

Summer is a busy time for all of us. Don't neglect your mind, body & spirit, make time to work out. Staying on a regular schedule will keep you on track and ready for the indoor winter months to come. We lose muscle and gain weight much quicker than we obtain muscle and lose weight. Don't UNDO all that you've worked for, keep a regular schedule for workouts!

Beach Boot Camps are doing great. We have seen some amazing sunrises and enjoying the fresh air a beautiful lake front. We meet at the lighthouse entrance, just past the Coast Guard office. We were meeting at the beach house, but that entrance has been closed off at 5am, so follow the road around the bend, you will end at the parking lot from which we begin our adventures. Third Friday is at the band shell at Pennoyer Park.

Clothing Exchange Sale. Who's bored with their workout clothing wardrobe? I'm proposing a sale, an idea discussed by a few clients. My vision; mark your unwanted, under-utilized, doesn't fit any more (too big), workout clothing with a price and your initials. We'll combine all the clothing and have a sale. I have a bunch of clothing racks. We could do a Saturday early afternoon sale. We can list it in the paper, like a Garage, sale so the public will be invited. Change up our options, add some "new to me" workout clothes and maybe put a couple of bucks in our pockets. Good condition clothing only. Ideas? Thoughts? Input required please.

Best of Kenosha nominations are going on now. This is not the voting, they have introduced a nomination system this year. If you find this studio worthy, your nomination is greatly appreciated. You are asked for your email, so only one nomination per person per location. You will need to write up the reason you think we should be nominated. The top 5 in each category will be listed on the voting ballot in September. Don't forget to take a moment to nominate other local business, that you find go above and beyond! Click the link at the top of this paragraph to get started!

Studio rules. I really try not to put too many rules in place. We should have fun, socialize but still work hard - that's why we come here, right?

SHOES - please carry your workout shoes IN and OUT of the studio. respect the floor and keep it clean.

TIMING - don't be on time, be a little early. I start class promptly at the top of the hour. Be respectful of others time.

LISTEN - I love to chat with all of you, but when I'm giving instruction, I would appreciate your attention. I really do have a reason for giving instructions, I want to to be safe, get results and do the moves correctly. During class, if I give a correction, assume I'm taking about you and check your form. I do not like to call individuals out in the middle of class.

ENCOURAGE & GREET - if you see someone new, introduce yourself, help make them feel comfortable and welcome. Show them where the weights are, where the cleaning supplies are, where the bathroom is. We all want to be a part of the group, no cliques here please. It always feels good for you and your workout buddies to get and give a pat on the back or a "great job"!

Retail. I have stock on doTERRA, Advocare and Pure Haven Essential. Do you want or need something? Ask if I have it in stock. I place orders every month for these companies, as you need/want to order, email me right away. I pick up the shipping on some group orders, the others we will split the shipping! I list the monthly specials here as soon as they become available to me. Check it out!

There are rewards for REFERRALS. I will add money to your account for referrals that sign on. You can use these account dollars for your monthly payment, T Shirts or retail items :)

Live Strong. Love Hard. Rest Well.

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