November Studio Goings-on

The Holidays are upon us, how are you preparing?  Are your settled into your fitness routine?  Is your food plan in tact so you are ready to combat the temptation of overindulging in holiday treats?  We can help!  Keep reading!


Open House

Saturday, November 5th is our Pre Holiday Open House.  

  • Package special; save some money on packages and punch cards 

  • FREE chair massages courtesy of Heal Therapeutic Massage; you must meet Bridget, she is amazing - and a client!  

  • Save 10% on doTERRA and Advocare orders; many are loving and finding success with doTERRA Slim & Sassy oil and it is On Guard season. Amazing new seasonal flavors of Advocare Meal Replacement Shakes and who doesn't need more Spark?  I will have individuals for sale!

  • Snacks and FREE raffles

Ladies FabYOUlous Friday

  Last year was so much fun, they've decided to do it again!  This year the event will be held at The Brat Stop/Parkway Chateau.  5pm - ?????  Live music & dancing. Buffet style Hors devours.  Live comedians.  Vendors suited for all females.  Discounts & FREE raffles.  All raffle prizes must be at least $50.

I have discount tickets available at the studio, pay just $16 (cash) / $17 (credit).  Regular price is $19 in advance or $24 at the door.  Even at regular price, you get so much for your $$$. 

   I am looking for 6 ZUMBA volunteers (3 from Zumba and 3 from Zumba Gold) for my demo.  I want to show everyone that anyone can do Zumba.  We will demonstrate the same dances on a high impact and low impact level.  Please let me know if you'd be interested in helping me out!


TOPS (take off pound sensibly)

I always say weight loss/being healthy is 80% Food and 20% Exercise!  I've been searching for a food plan to offer my clients, I've found it!! I am so proud to announce that I am officially a public chapter of Tops Club!    There will be a ton of information available at the Open House on November 5th.  In a nutshell, this is a food program, very similar to the other Big Name Program, with weekly meetings & weigh in's, but without the other places' big price tag.  You pay $32 per year (this is NOT a type-O), plus $5 per month.  You will weigh in and attend the meeting (30 minutes tops) weekly.  You will learn to eat for a lifetime.  Real food.  Portion control.  Getting your macro's.  Check out their website to see what TOPS is all about!  This is open to the Public.  You do not have to workout here to belong to this chapter.


Signing in to classes

 I would really really really appreciate it if you would sign in for classes at least one hour before class.  It's so easy to use the mindbody app.  Once you've signed up/in - it really is a snap! It helps me set up the class, prior to your arrival. Better yet, make it your Sunday task to sign up for the next week of classes. Put in on your calendar.  It's now an appointment you can not (should not) cancel. Get your days in, try something new, make new friends.  Commit to yourself!

If necessary, please sign out if you are unable to attend.

Class Info

SHOES!  Please be sure you are bringing a change of shoes.  Workout shoes should never be worn outside.  Wear your street shoes when entering AND leaving the building.  Change into your workout shoes, once inside.  DO NOT wear them to leave, it defeats the purpose of changing into them.


Don't be on time, be early!  I start class promptly at the top of the hour.  You should be in place, with equipment, ready to warm up at the start of class.  I understand if you're coming from work and I know life happens, but please make an effort to be courteous to the rest of the class so we can stay on schedule.


Welcome new clients!   I am so proud of my clients for welcoming new faces.  We are not the cliquey fitness center, we welcome and support all who enter.  Introduce yourself, tell them about the class you're doing.   This is the vibe I never ever want to lose.  Thank you for allowing me to brag about this to everyone I encounter!


Working Hard

  If you're able to hold a full on conversation during class, you may not be working hard enough.  I love the social aspect of this studio!  It makes me so happy and warms my heart, that we are making friends.  Class time is for working hard, giving 100% and respecting your instructors.  Please keep your conversations for before and after classes.  I love friendly banter, encouragement and challenging your workout buddies during workouts, just keep it short, upbeat and positive!


doTERRA orders are placed the 9th of every month!  If you need anything, please email me any time to get in on the group order.  Advocare orders are placed when we need something, so again, please email me and let me know what you need!  Putting your order in with the group save you a bunch on shipping charges!


I am always looking for feedback!  Please feel free to email, textme or hit me up on facebook.

January 01, 2020

October Studio Going's On

   It has been two years since I walked through the studio doors for the first time.  I’ve been lucky to work with some of the most amazing people, watching you become stronger and more confident as a result of our work together.  As I continue to grow, it’s my desire to continue to offer unmatched service and results that improve my clients’ lives.  To that end, effective 11/1/16, I will be implementing a slight pricing increase.  

   I will be turning off the auto renewals on 10/31/16.  You will retain your current pricing until your package expires.  You can log on to your account in Mind Body to see your account detail, but I am always happy to look them up with you.   This will be a great opportunity to rethink you current package (maybe add a day) or change the duration of your package; 6 months gets a better price :)

  In early November I will be doing a Pre-Holiday open House and rolling out the new pricing to new clients for a limited time.   This would be a great time to get your friends and family on board with a workout routine. No need to wait for New Years resolutions, there is no time like NOW!  I'm hoping, that those of you that have dropped off over the last year, may consider coming back in the New Year.


A couple of things to remember about the 3 and 6 month auto pay packages:

  1. Your package will auto renew at the end of the term, unless you email me before the new session starts up.  You will receive an email one week before renewal, you can just reply to the email with any requests.

  2. I will no longer be able cancel packages mid-session.  If your new terms start up, you will be charged for the full term.

  3. Changes will only be allowed at the end of a session, prior to the new session beginning.

  4. Changes to your package, may result in pricing reverting to full price.

  5. Your package says ## amount of classes per week, but my system recognizes ## amount per month.  If you will be missing a couple of days, they can be made up later in the month, provided you are still in the current billing cycle.  Missed days can not be carried over to the next billing cycle.


Schedule Change

I am so sorry to say, the Monday 5:00pm Zumba class has been canceled.  We will still offer Zumba Toning on Wednesday at 6:00pm and Zumba Combo on Saturday at 8:00am


Strength Plus Wednesday at 5:00pm; this time/class seems to be lacking interest.  Please tell me what the schedule is needs!  One suggestion was a Booty blast, low body concentration work out.  Maybe each week we concentrate on a body region (upper, lower, core) then add a nice stretch & roll at the end.    I can not put a choreographed (PiYo or Piloxing) class, but I am definitely looking for some suggestions!  Until a change is decided on, we will continue the Strength Plus as scheduled.


Signing In through Mind Body

I will ask you to kindly sign up for classes using the app (easiest) or via your Mind Body profile on your computer.  It really helps me set up for the class, and determine if a change is needed.  By signing in, you also will get an email notification if a class is canceled or changed.  I update Mind Body before anything else, so if there is change or cancellation, this is the place to find it!


Studio Rules

I certainly don’t believe in many rules, but there are two I need to ask you to follow.

Please Be On Time:  class begins promptly at the time stated, be here 5 -10 minutes before class begins,  so you have time to change your shoes, fill your water bottle and use the rest room.  Be on the floor a couple of minutes before start time so we can warm up together.

Please Have Clean Shoes:  shoes worn ONLY inside the studio.  Please don’t walk out of the studio in the shoes you’ve changed into, it defeats the purpose.  Rocks, dirt, water and other debris end up on the workout floor.  I am constantly sweeping up rocks and dirt after classes.  Please respect the workout floor and help me keep it in good shape.  Carry your clean shoes IN and OUT of the studio.  You can leave them here, if that is more convenient!



    The doTERRA order is placed on the 8th of every month.  Please let me know what I can order for you!  So many colds are circulating; I have to say my daily dose of On Guard® had kept me cold free.  Here is a list of all of the On Guard products available.  The retail pricing is also listed.

    I am going to be working more with the Slim & Sassy line as a weight loss partner.  I am ordering Trim Shake and S&S oil (I use this every day).  I have some of the Control® in stock and I’ve been using this as well.  I like the appetite suppressant help and getting some extra vitamins & minerals sure doesn’t hurt.  I have some pamphlets on the S&S system; let me know if you like one!  I am working with Joe, to put together an informal informational meeting, please let me know if you’d be interested in joining (no obligation to buy anything!)

Ladies FabYOUlous Friday

There will be another Ladies night out on Friday November 18, 2016.  This time it will be held at Parkway Chateau (by the Brat Stop).  They will be offering the Hors D’oeuvres buffet, comedy, music and dancing.  Lot’s of free  giveaways and samples.  We had a BLAST last time; I hope you’ll join us this year.  I will forward the ticket info as soon as I get it. 


I would love to do a Zumba demo, featuring YOU!  I have two songs that overlap the Zumba Gold and Zumba Combo classes.  I would really like a few volunteers from each group to do those two dances, to show the crowd that Zumba really is for every body!!  Please contact me if you are interested!

August 29, 2016

Exicting changes for our Senior Strong Program!

We are adding MONDAY to the schedule.  We will offer Senior Stretch to Monday at 10:00am.  This will give us an opportunity for slight smaller classes OR give you two opportunities for a seated and standing Yoga based class. 


This brings me to the second bit of good news.  Due to the popularity of these classes and your kind words and recruiting, I am lowering the pricing to the paid clients!  12 punch cards will now be $40 and 6 punch cards will be $23.   You also have an option to get an auto-pay charged directly to your credit card each month.  You can sign up for 2, 3, or 4 classes per week (8, 12 or 16 classes per month).  This is a three month obligation which goes into auto-renew until you tell me you no longer wish to be in the program.  Each renewal period will be for three months, once a cycle starts, you will be not able to cancel until the new period ends.  I will cease the auto-renew, and you will no longer be charged after the cycle ends.  The UP side to this is, the price will be $3 per class.  If you have further questions about this option, please talk to me after class!


Third step to this excitement is a schedule change.  Zumba Gold will be moved to Friday, and a little switch-a-roo for Wednesday/Thursday/Friday.  The new schedule will be as follows:


Monday          Stretch

Tuesday          Strength

Wednesday    Stretch

Thursday       Strength

Friday            Zumba


We will continue to hold line dancing on the first Friday, during Zumba class, if anyone would like to join us.    This may or may not hold up for the long run, we’ll see how it goes moving forward.


All of these changes will take effect beginning Tuesday September 6, 2016. 

August 19, 2016

August Studio Going's On

Schedule Update

Effective immediately - Low Impact Zumba class is canceled

Effective 5/6/16  There will no longer be Friday evening classes. 

  Small switch on Thursday evening; Strength Training will be 5pm and PiYo will be 6pm.  I would love to make the Thursday strength training a progression class.  this means limited moves, but really tracking progress.  This is also involve some body weight moves (ie push ups, pull ups, pistols, etc.)  Please let me know your thoughts on the idea of a progressive class.


Zumba with Melissa

Monday's at 5:00pm - Sweat. Smile. Dance. Repeat!  Here is your Zumba opportunity!  Melissa is FULL of energy & smiles.  Upbeat songs, fun dances; come in and join the partay!!


Signing In

Though it is not required, it really really really helps me out, to plan classes.  If at all possible, please sign in, more than 5 minutes before class.  Many clients sign up on Monday for the entire week.  You can always cancel if you can't make it (again very very very helpful).  Using the app is FREE and very simple.  Everyone has a user name (it's your email) and if you've never done this, just click forgot password and you'll get an email with a password, you can change at any time.


Food Plans/nutrition

Well sadly, the Evolution Nutrition was not a good fit for us, so I've canceled.  I am still looking for a food plan that is easily shared with those who are interested.  I'm ;looking into Weight Watchers.  If you know a nutritionist, looking for a side gig, kindly share their info, I'd love to talk to them.  Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to plot out food plans (I'm sorry).  I will continue to share recipes on my facebook page and my pinterest board.


Fund Raiser

There is a fund raiser at Starlight Club (see events) for one of my silver sneakers client's daughter, Eva Hawkins.  They are have great raffles and foor prizes.  It's a $10 donation.  September 17 from 1pm-5pm


I have plenty of Advocare Spark for sale, in individual sticks.  All flavors available for $2.00 each.  You can make your own variety pack (14 sticks) for $26.00.  Advocare orders are placed monthly, let me know what you need to order!


doTERRA order is placed every month on the 8th!  I have some oils in stock for sale.  I will post a list with pricing at the studio.


Please remember to keep your workout shoes, just for the studio.  The floor is really taking a beating.  Clean shoes are never wore outside.


Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated.  

July 07, 2016

July Studio Going's on

Summer is in full swing.  Are you still achieving (or at least maintaining) your fitness goals?  Seems the workout/dance floor has been a little sparce so far this summer.  Aren't you worth 45 minutes a couple of times per week to hold on to the results you've worked so hard for?  Wouldn't you like to really work off the food & beverages you've been indulging in?  Class schedule is going strong - I'm here for you!!  Try something new - Piloxing SSP, PiYo, Piloxing Barre, how about a bootcamp!

   I've attached the current schedule.


Relay for Life Zumba Dance Party

We are joining forces with Relay for Life Kenosha, to help Dance Away Cancer!  $10 donation for an hour of Zumba, 100% of your donation goes to a priceless hope for cures.  Click the the title above to sign up & pay for this event.  Giveaways, refreshments and a GREAT workout.  Low & high impact dances.  Do what you can, just keep moving.  come SHAKE YOUR BOOTY WITH ZUMBA JUDY!  Please share the facebook event on your page, we want to overfill the studio and use the parking lot for this event.  Flyer attached, please share with the the world!


Evolution Nutrition

I have invested/partnered with Evolution Nutrition to aid in the nutrition portion of your journey.  "The concept was simple: Develop a powerful web-based menu planning software capable of matching ongoing advances in physiology and nutrition, yet flexible enough to respond to the changing needs of working professionals in the field"  I've said it before 20% in the studio, 80% in the kitchen.  I've opted to leave the 80% to the experts.  This will allow me to offer you food plans according to your height, weight, goals and needs.  There are hundreds of options, including exchange options for us picky eaters, vegetarian, gluten free, vegan, and more available.  You have to commit.  You have to be honest.  You have to WANT it, follow it, and work for it, but it will be worth it.  I'm recommending you start when you are really ready for the sacrifice involved.  This will be a lifestyle change, but will teach you to each properly for the rest of your life.  We are all human, think 80/20 (clean/oops).  If you can adhere faithfully until you reach your goal, you will have a  little more play in the OOPS field.  Pricing will be in addition to your monthly fee, BUT I'm trying to keep it under $10/month.  If it is as successful as I'm hoping, my goal is $5/month for a well laid out food plan.  It's real, normal, everyday food - score!  Please let me know if this is something you'd be interested in. 



Great Promo this month,  if you looking to cook with oils!  Summer Sunsational Flavors is here.  One each 5ml bottles of Spearmint, Tangerine, Cumin & Dill.  One drop of these oils equates to bunches of the fresh alternative.  A little oil goes a LONG way!  $40.00 for the set!  Order to be placed this Friday, 7/8/16.  Let me know what I can order for you!



Please remember; when you sign up for a 3 or 6 month contract; it WILL go into auto-renewal!  I try to be very flexible, as I know life happen.  You will receive and email one week before it renews, at that time if you want to stop coming in or need to make a change to your days - you must email me!  Of course I want to to continue to come in, but i also understand thing change.  I will cancel any further charges and cancel your membership.  I do offer suspensions for medical reasons.

  If you signed up during my Free Upgrade Special, and let the auto renew run, you will keep the special pricing.  If you end your contract and return, you will go back to regular pricing.  I'm sorry, but I need to be fair to all.  I'm working on a new special for the first of the year,  it won't be the same, but will offer some savings.  If you're signed up - use your time and enjoy the rewards of getting fit & healthy!  

     Workouts are thee best stress reducer!!!!!!


Please Please give me feed back.  If you've stopped coming - I really, really want to know why. Pricing, content, schedule, trainer?????   I can't improve if I don't know what to fix.  I love to hear the good stuff too.  The biggest compliment you can give me is to recommend inception body works to friends and family.  Your reviews are always welcome on facebook, google, and I'm working on adding testimonial to  Don't bother with YELP, they only post the bad stuff :(

May 23, 2016

June Studio Going's On

Studio closures & temp schedule change

We will be closed for Memorial Day, Monday  May 30, 2016

We will be closed June 5, 2016 (no evening classes) and June 6-13, 2016.  Back to regular schedule on Tuesday June 14, 2016.

Saturday June 4th Piloxing Barre will be from 10:00am - 11:00am


New Schedule

I hope you are enjoying the schedule shake up!  We are introducing some newer formats to the evening schedule.  Boot camp, strength training and Piloxing SSP are new to evenings!  Come check them out, expand your horizons, try something new!


Piloxing Gear in stock

We have Piloxing gear back in stock!!  Weighted gloves $25/pair.  Piloxing socks $12/pair.  The gear is not required for any of the Piloxing formats, but if you're looking to enhance the experience, add the gear to take it to the next level.


Last Call to pick up equipment left in lockers

I still have some items that have been unused for over a month.  They have been removed from the lockers and are in holding, waiting for pick up.   

  1. black mat, 2.5# toning sticks and gym shoes

  2. two pair of shoes (one may be child size)

  3. one pair of sketchers

If they are not claimed before June 3rd, the shoes will be donated to First Steps and the gym equipment will make it's way in for public use.  I'd love for you to claim your items by coming in to use them!



Are you not seeing the results you were hoping for?  Is your food in check?  Your weight/fat loss happens 20% in the studio and 80% in the kitchen.  You can work your butt off while you're here, but you have 23 hours and 15 minutes that you have to eat right.  Restrict sugar, let go of refined foods, limit sodium and yes, restrict alcohol intake (its all sugar!).  Get your macro's (protein, fat, carbohydrate) at every meal.  Load up on veggies!  Enjoy lean meats! Fruit is the best snack! include healthy fats in moderation (olive oil, avocado, nut butters).  Eat clean 80% of the time, you can slide a little 20% of the time. 

  Working out 45 minutes means giving 100% for 45 minutes.  If you walk through your workout, you're not giving 100% - work hard to see hard results!  You are stronger than you think, surprise your self <3


doTERRA order

doTERRA orders place automatically on the 8th of the month.  If you want to order something in June, please have your order to me by the morning of June 3rd.  I will post the June special in Studio and on FB, instagram & twitter.


Advocare Order

Unless you need something I will not place order in June until my return.  Please let me know ASAP if you will need anything before I leave.  It usually takes three days to receive, so If I place order by this Friday 5/27, it should be in before I leave.


Stay active during my absence :D  Take advantage of our beautiful lake front, go for a bike ride, play outside with the kids (human or fur babies), use for amazing at home workouts!


​Don't forget to support our hometown Kenosha Cougars football team over the summer!  Find out more about them on their website and follow them on facebook​.



​Your feedback & reviews are always wel​come!

Reviews on Google and Facebook are very helpful to me!

May Studio Going's On

Whoa! Are you ready - so much happening this month!


Schedule Shake Up

I usually just call it a schedule change, but we are bringing another new format this month and brining some pretty big changes to the evening schedule.

  • Piloxing SSP is here (ready or not)... Boxing + Standing Pilates + Dance = non-stop interval fusion. This is different than the Piloxing Barre that we already offer, as there is no barre and it adds dance, more boxing and free standing Pilates. Oh yes you can do this! So excited to offer this format in addition to the very popular Piloxing Barre class.

  • We are bringing some existing formats to the evenings like boot camp and a 6pm strength training class.

  • We are moving Monday Zumba to Saturday (no more combo) AND Melissa will be in to lead classes on occasion to really shake things up!!

  • We are adding Friday evening classes


Pricing changes & options

Group fitness "punch card" option

6 classes for $50, expires 2 months from date of purchase

12 classes for $95, expires 3 months from date of purchase

   This may be a great option for a busy summer schedule.

Zumba Punch Cards

Small change to the Zumba only cards; the 6 punch will expire 2 months from date of purchase.

   I'm afraid I will need to enforce the expiration on the punch cards going forward.


Studio closures

Tuesday May 17th there will be no evening classes. I have a family obligation.

June 3 - no evening classes. June 4 - 13 the studio will be closed. My daughter (and your Barre instructor) is getting married. Our family will be out of town for the wedding.

  Your accounts will be suspended for the week (9 days) that I will be gone. This time will be added to the end of your commitment. This will change your payment date, please let me know if this a problem for anyone, we will work through it!


Clean Shoes

This is really important to me. Please keep your workout shoes for your workout. I'm finding a lot of small pebbles and many divets in the dance floor. Bringing shoes you regularly wear outside is kind of defeating the purpose of changing your shoes when you get here. Kindly check the bottoms of your shoes for rocks and dirt embedded in the treads and blast them out before using them in the studio. Thanks for understanding!


Extra classes

Feeling ambitious? Want to get an extra class or two in? I will offer current clients a 25% discount on the drop in fee. If you want to add a class, your price will be $7.50 per class, instead of the $10 drop in fee.



The May product special is 10% off the unscented hand & body lotion. I love this lotion to add my own oil for the scent (and feeling) I want at the moment! Regular price is $19.33, sale price is $17.00. If you'd like to try a sample, just ask me! Orders need to be to me by Saturday May 7th. Join in on the group order and pay $1 shipping.



Order to be placed May 14th. I have 3 tubs of Spark for sale in my office; one each Watermelon, Fruit Punch or Mango Strawberry - $55 each. I also have individual Spark & Rehydrate packets (various flavors) available for sale for $2 each.


Kenosha Cougar's Football

Starts this Saturday.  Join us for the kick off party from 3-5 at the Indian Trails football field.  Stay for the game at 6pm.  Football n the summer - come on - let's support out home town team!


March 01, 2016

March Studio Goings On

Spring is in the air, or at least in our hearts. Tank top season is right around the corner, are you ready??


A HUGE heartfelt thank you to all who filled the floor for PiYo Live the last couple of Saturday's. It was an amazing site to see every inch of the floor covered with my workout buddies. My dream is for all of my classes to look like that :) Most of you came for both classes, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Reviews are always welcome on yelp, google or facebook.


Studio Closed

We will be closed on Saturday March 12 for Piloxing Teacher Training. Please be sure to schedule another class during the week so you can get all your days in. Piloxing will be the next new format offered. I am hopeful for the beginning of April. This will be an exciting addition to our schedule. How about a non-stop cardio fusion of kickboxing, dance and standing Pilates principles ??  Yes Please!


PiYo Live

PiYo Live class will be held on Monday's at 5:00pm. We will also be doing PiYo at 5:00am on the first Friday of each month.


Schedule Changes

Please be sure to check the schedule. There will be additional changes once Piloxing makes it into the mix. I will be looking for your feedback to help me make decisions as to which classes either go away or get a new day & time. Zumba classes will most likely see the biggest changes as I want to get the new formats in some of the ever popular 6pm time slot. I will be adding Friday's to the schedule. I'm hoping I get enough interest to take advantage of one more 5pm & 6pm slot.


New Payment Option

For those of you with commitment issues (teehee)  I am now offering a group fitness "punch card".  Same rules apply to this, as to the Zumba "punch card". Your "punch card" will be valid for 3 months but you can use it at any/all classes (unlike the Zumba card which is only good for Zumba classes).

The price is $100 for 12 classes (or punches).


Register for Classes

Thank you so much to those who have downloaded and are using the mindbody app. Those who use it say it is very user friendly and simple to use. It is so helpful to me to know what to expect for each class. It is required for Piloxing Barre with Natalie, as we only have room for 18. Those who register will definitely have a place at a barre. If you do not register and the barre's are full, I'm sorry but you may not be able to participate. If you register for a class, but then can not come, please un-register whenever possible.


Healthy Contributions; get paid to work out

Does your employer/insurance company offer you the Healthy Contributions option? Did you know we have some clients getting paid to work out here? Definitely worth asking about. If you are eligible, tell your co-workers to come work out with us - and get paid! Check out



I can not make the changes you want to see if you don't tell me. These classes are about you, so tell me what you want. I can not please every single client, 100% of the time, but I sure try. I've already received one very good suggestion about my Zumba dilemma (thank you Diana Vasilev).


Food for thought

  • Is there an interest in a 4pm class during the week?

  • Another format (strength training, yoga, boot camp) at 10:30am on Saturdays?

  • 7am Yoga class on Saturday?

  • Zumba or Zumba Toning at 5pm once per week?


Courtesy & Respect

You are an AMAZING group of clients. Please continue to welcome new clients and make them feel like part of the family. Introduce yourself, ask if they have questions. It will mean a lot more coming from a client than the trainer.

Please make every attempt to be 5 minutes early for classes. I try to stay on schedule, so we need to start on time in order to finish on time. I love that we all have made friends and want to catch up, but kindly be respectful of the on going class and just keep your voices low as you are waiting for the previous class to end.


doTERRA & Advocare Orders

doTERRA orders are placed the 8th of every month. I post specials on my facebook page​ and also in studio. If you'd like a sample and I have the oil, I'm happy to share. I really believe in these oils!

Advocare orders are placed the second Saturday of the month.

    I do have Spark, Rehydrate, Fiber Drink and Meal Replacement shakes in stock for individual sale if needed. I also have one canister each of Fruit Punch & Strawberry Mango Spark in stock for sale.

    You can always order on your own using the links above, but why not share the shipping with a group of us. If you are interested in either line or have questions, please don't hesitate to talk to me!

February 06, 2016

February Studio Goings On

What a great start to the year.  Thank you everyone for your support and loyalty!


PiYo & Piloxing Barre

So I’ve talked it up to you and the time has come to share it with you.  I will be doing PiYo Live® on February 20th & 27th at 9:15 am.   PiYo Live® will be making its way into the regular schedule at the beginning of March; tentatively at 5am on Wednesday’s and 5pm on Monday’s.   There will NOT be Piloxing Barre® on Feb 20 & 27,  as Natalie is finishing up the competition season with cheer.   PiYo Live® will be a sub class for just those two days.  Natalie will be back to full schedule the first week of March.  I want to give a super big THANK YOU to Angie Becker for subbing the Piloxing Barre® class while Natalie was judging!   Great job Angie, thank you so much!!


Stretch & Roll class

This class is a great way to work out the weeks workouts. Saturday’s at 10:15am.   We use & hold yoga stretches and use foam rollers to hurt so good.  It is exactly what it appears; a great stretch and then rolling out those “knots” in our muscles so you can enjoy a great feeling weekend!


Studio closed on March 12, 2016

The studio will be closed on Saturday March 12, 2016 for a private training class.  We will be hosting a PILOXING® Teacher training on that day.  Natalie & I will be getting licensed to teach Piloxing® SSP, so look for more schedule changes at the beginning of April as we add yet another exciting format to the repertoire.  Plan on doing another/different class that week so you can get all of your days in.  What a great way to try a new class – break the mold, get crazy, try something new.  Your Zumba only card will be honored at all classes to make up for this inconvenience.


Mindbody App

It is a HUGE help to me when you register for classes.  It gives me an idea of how may to expect and how much to set up.  Many have told me using the app is really a breeze.  You can download for free at your app store.  The app is called mindbody and the logo is pink/orange with a white o in the middle.  DO NOT set up a new account.  If you are currently attending or have ever attended classes here you already have a profile set up.  Use your email to log in and then click “forgot password” if you never set one up or you simply don’t remember.  You can register for your entire week or month’s classes all at once.  If you’ve registered for a class but then can’t attend, you can un-register for that class just as easily.  Thanks bunches for your help!!


Weights & measures

Be sure you are weighing weekly.  If you don’t come in on Saturday’s – weigh in on Friday.  There is paper, pen & a box to put your papers in.  We need to measure monthly, make time to have me measure you.  The scale is fine, but the results really show in the measurements.  Lets catch up this week!

            Overall – everyone is DOWN!  Go you!

20% at the studio       80% in the kitchen     are you eating right????


doTERRA & Advocare orders

 The doTERRA orders must be to me by the 8th as my order places automatically at midnight of the 9th each month.  I post the monthly special on the bulletin board as soon as they release it.  I will order Advocare the second weekend of the month.  Feel free to email, text or fb message me if you need/want to order for either of these products.



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