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Hey There

I am so excited that you are curious about inception body works.  I am happy you are here and pleased to share a little more about who I am.

All About Me

my name is Judy Pignatelli, I am the curator of these lovely products.  My journey started out as a means to provide myself and family safe clean body products, that I controlled the ingredients for.  As my journey has gone on, I have tried many recipes and formulations until I have fallen in love with my current product line.  

body products are more than just the color, the fragrance and/or appearance.  They should be about performance - and these items perform!  Luxurious feels and affordable prices, without the unnecessary fillers.  High quality oils and butter, fragrances and colorants is all you will get.

all of my products are made in my home in Pleasant Prairie WI,  I hand make every item from scratch in small batches.  This assures every recipe gets the love and attention they deserve.   Each item is hand packed and labeled.


inception - new start           body works = all things good for your body and skin

If you have any questions about my processes, products or about me, PLEASE feel free to reach out!





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