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How to use...

What is a shower steamer?  How do I use the salt scrub? What exactly do I do with a lotion bar?

This little section will shed some light on common questions.  I hope this helps,

Shower Steamer

A shower steamer is simply an aromatic experience in the shower.  It helps you set your mood for the morning or evening.  Relax, Energize, Breathe.

Simply place the steamer on the floor of your shower and let the warm/hot water run over it.  Watch it fizz.  Smell the scent.  Breathe it in.  Choose a relaxing, energizing or just your favorite fragrance.

Salt Scrubs

A lovely exfoliating and moisturizing ritual leaving a beautiful lasting scent.

After bathing/washing, stir contents with your finger to incorporate oils, fragrance and salts.  Scoop out a small amount (about the size of a quarter) and gently massage on body then rinse off.


Not for use on faces, salt is much too abrasive.

Steer clear of open wounds. You know what they say about salt in the wound.  Its true.

Avoid excess water in jar

Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs are so much fun!  just drop in the running tub water and watch it do it's magic.  It will fizz, and release the fun fragrance and color to enhance the bath experience.  Made with nourishing oils to leave your body feeling smooth and lightly scented.

Lotion Bars

Just Rub.  Its that easy.  These are simply a solid lotion.  GREAT for traveling.  Easy to keep in your purse or back pack.  Fantastic for dry elbows, hands or feet.  Get one for feet, one for the rest of your body.

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